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The Subnational Geospatial Data Archive (SUNGEO) offers data on demography, politics, climate, violence, public health, weather, and terrain at a variety of geographic scales.   It offers innovative tools to integrate spatially-misaligned data. The tools have been designed for researchers and analysts wishing to assess values of and relationships among variables across data sources, scales, integration methods, and geographic/historical contexts.

The fundamental goal of SUNGEO is to improve research involving sub-national data in order to bolster knowledge of how societies develop, prosper, and change. The tools made available enable systematic, rigorous, transparent and reproducible approaches to create new datasets and account for differences in measurement, unit-levels, and primary sources during analyses.

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Create novel datasets of geo-coded information through a graphical user interface,  and merge variables from a large repository of pre-loaded data. Choose topics, countries, geographic units, and time period.

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Develop highly-customizable, integrated data, standardize sub-national units of analysis across countries, and employ built-in methods where multiple data sources exist.

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