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Tools for Researchers

SUNGEO addresses three persistent problems in sub-national research: mismatch between theoretical units of analysis and the scale of available data; the availability of multiple data sources for the same variables, which may be conflicting, overlapping or complementary; and a lack of generalizability of empirical results across alternative measurement strategies, or when using data from different sources and cases.

With SUNGEO you can develop highly customizable integrated data, standardize sub-national units of analysis across countries, employ built-in methods where multiple data sources exist, and evaluate the robustness and generalizability of their results to alternative data and measurement choices.

SUNGEO includes (1) a user-friendly web interface, where you can easily construct sub-national datasets from a large collection of archived data, and (2) an open-source software package so you can apply these tools to their own data, and produce a more customizable output based on individual specifications and needs.

Data Archive

For everyday users who want to draw on a vast repository of pre-loaded geospatial data, SUNGEO offers a platform for creating sub-national datasets at multiple levels of analysis.

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R Package

For users working with original (unpublished, private, proprietary) data, SUNGEO offers a statistical software package with embedded methodological tools for sub-national data processing and integration.

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